Dental Bonding: What You Need to Know

What is Tooth Bonding? Tooth bonding, also known as dental bonding is a dental procedure to improve the appearance of a tooth that might have discoloured, chipped or broken. It’s called tooth bonding because a tooth colored composite resin is applied to the tooth and a special light is used

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V-Day: Celebrate Love with a Bright & Beautiful Smile

Valentine’s Day is the most awaited day for lovers all over the world. You can witness a change of atmosphere on this special day. People go for makeovers, they adopt a better dressing sense, their mannerisms change and they look completely different on Valentine’s Day. After all, everyone wants to

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Porcelain Vs. Acrylic Teeth: Which Is Better and Why?

Most dentures are made with Porcelain or Acrylic teeth. You have to decide which set of teeth will last longer, and which set of teeth are stronger, as this will help you decide which set of teeth will benefit you and your situation. There are different categories to measure the

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How Effective Are Orthodontic Bands to Close Gaps in Teeth?

Parents spend lots of time talking to their teenage children about the importance of oral hygiene and maintaining a healthy smile. Research has shown that having a nice smile can help you gain confidence both personally and socially, while also helping you achieve success in your chosen career path. However,

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How to Make Your Smile Whiter for Christmas

If you are like the hundreds of other people who plan on enjoying Christmas, then you will have a nice time. However, in order to keep your teeth healthy, there are different types of foods and drinks that you should avoid if you want to keep that perfect white smile

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Everything You Need to Know About Gum Grafting Surgery

A gum graft is necessary to protect teeth from the potential effects of gum recession. Gum recession happens when tissue that surrounds the teeth pull away from the tooth, causing damage. Gum grafting surgery can stop damage to your teeth and prevent potential problems from happening. Continue reading →

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Cosmetic Dentures Myths Busted: Here Are the Facts

Having a great smile is important to a lot of people, however not everyone can achieve that perfect smile on their own. A cosmetic dentistry procedure may be an amazing solution for a lot of people. However some patients try to avoid cosmetic dentures due to few common misconceptions. Here

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Dental Implants- Overview, Types and Costs

Dental implants are metal posts that are surgically placed into the jawbone beneath your gums, which replacement teeth are then added onto Dental implants provide support for teeth, and dentures added to implants won’t shift in your mouth which is beneficial to eating and speaking. Dentures will feel natural. To

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Find a New You: Fix Your Gummy Smile to Enhance Your Look

“Smile, and the world smiles with you.” – Stanley Gordon West But some people are afraid that if they smile, the world may laugh at them because they have a gummy smile. When they smile, an excessive pinkish gum-line shows up. It makes them self-conscious, thus they usually hide their

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Now Get New Teeth With Low Cost Dental Implants

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots. They are an alternative to your natural teeth. Dental implants are fused with bone becoming permanent teeth. These implants allow you to speak without fear of your teeth slipping. You can eat your favorite foods without pain. Anyone who can undergo a dental procedure

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