Dental bridges are a common dental procedure for replacing a lost or missing tooth. A dentist anchors a dental bridge to the healthy teeth in order to fill in the gap in between the lost or missing tooth. Many patients who are good candidates for dental bridges don’t consider them because they believe one or more of the following misconceptions:

Dental Bridge

  1. Dental Bridges Are a Short-Term Solution
    With proper care, dental bridges will last a decade, and in some instances, up to 15 years. While 15 years isn’t a lifetime, it does mean that a dental bridge is a viable long-term replacement solution for your lost or missing tooth.

  2. Dental Bridges Make It Difficult to Eat
    When patients first get dental bridges, it can take them a while to get used to eating with them. Once you’ve had a bridge for a while, you’ll be able to eat just as you would normally. It may actually be easier to eat than it was before when you had a missing tooth.

  3. Dental Bridges Are Really Expensive
    Typically quality dental work is not cheap, and even the best dental insurance plans don’t always cover expensive procedures in full. However, many dental practices offer varying discounts and payment plans to make their treatments more accessible to their patients. If your dentist has discussed dental bridges with you, inquire about your payment options.

  4. There Is Only One Type of Dental Bridge
    The standard dental bridge consists of positioning two crowns over the healthy teeth with an artificial tooth in the middle. If you need a specific kind of adjustment, a dentist may recommend another type of bridge, such as a Maryland bridge or a cantilever bridge. While these other types of bridges are less common, they are just as effective.

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Fabey DentalAugust 7, 2016 at 10:55 pm

Some people also think that bridges are the same thing as dentures. While bridges do involve false teeth, they are not the same thing as dentures. Bridges use two crowns to anchor the false teeth in permanently; once they’re in, they don’t come out. Dentures are removable and must be brushed outside of the mouth, whereas bridges are brushed just like your regular teeth would be.

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