A family dentist is one who specializes in offering treatment options for the entire family, no matter their age. The dentists are able to effectively treat both children and adults in an environment where familiarity and security is the key.

Family Dentistry

1. Easier to Maintain Dental Records

Having one dentist allows you to keep your entire family’s dental history in one location. The longer you remain with your family dentist, the longer your records will continue to accumulate in one convenient location.

2. Sets a Good Example

Sharing the same family dentist with your children helps you to set a good example for them. Children will be able to watch how you handle yourself during appointments, maintain your annual exams, and care for your teeth.

3. Several Services, One Location

A family dentistry practice offers several services to be able to care for individuals of all different ages. They can effectively diagnose and treat many different conditions no matter what the patient’s age is.

4. Keep It Simple

If all of the members of your family see the same dentist, all your appointments can be scheduled at the same time. This takes the guesswork out of who needs to go to which dentist and when. One location ensures every family member gets the dental care they need.

5. Strong Bonds and Long-Term Relationships

With the entire family visiting one dental office, it allows you and your children to build positive, long-term relationships. Creating a strong bond builds trust which is vital for small children and adults.

Choosing a family dentistry practice offers numerous benefits. Children who are able to share the same dentist and other health care providers will often continue to maintain their annual exams as they get older. This helps to protect them, as well as their teeth, long into the future.

Fabey Dental Studios is a leading dental care service provider in Easton. We value our patients and are committed to provide comprehensive dental services like, bonding and white filling, bridges, crowns, dentures and periodontal health services. Our staff stays current with the latest technology and advances in dentistry and has gained a reputation of excellence in rendering optimal oral health and esthetic dentistry.

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