Halloween is approaching. You know what that means! (Hint: scary things will be lurking around every corner). One scary thing that is often forgotten is the toll that all those sugary candies can take on your child’s oral health. With a few regular habits, the annual candy indulgence doesn’t have to lead to disaster with their teeth.

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  1. Avoid Certain Candies

    Hard candies and sticky ones create more of a problem for young teeth. Hard candy stays in the mouth for a long time, giving the sugar more time to wear at tooth enamel. Sticky candy often leaves small bits behind that stick to teeth. If at all possible, try to avoid things like hard candy, taffy, gummy bears and caramels.

  2. Avoid Alcohol and Sugary Beverages

    There are chances that you indulge in alcohol in the festive mood of Halloween celebrations. But try to avoid alcohol, even aerated cola and other sugary beverages like flavored drinks etc. It will be in your best interest that you avoid these drinks, but if you are not able to avoid them, then at least limit the consumption to keep dental cavity risks at the bay.

  3. Brush and Floss

    Brush and floss their teeth at least twice a day. Make sure your kids know the exact procedure for brushing and flossing and supervise younger ones to make sure they are doing it correctly. Make it a habit to not allow any candy after the night brushing. You can also use fluoride toothpaste twice a day to brush your teeth as it helps in preventing cavities.

  4. Chew Sugarless Gum

    Chewing gums that are sugarless stimulates the saliva in your mouth which helps in washing away the bacteria, candy particles etc. It thus helps in preventing oral cavities.

  5. Water and Gum

    Between brushings, drinking plenty of water will help wash excess bits of candy away from the teeth. In addition, keeping sugar-free gum handy helps. As your child chews the gum, saliva production is increased. This helps wash the teeth.

  6. Timing Is Important

    By limiting candy consumption to mealtime or shortly after, the saliva production is already high and can help naturally cleanse any stray bits of sugary stuff left behind. Limit the amount of candy your child eats and monitor the timing for healthier results.

  7. Regular Diet

    If you maintain a healthy diet and include regular dentist visits throughout the year, a little extra candy doesn’t have to be an issue at Halloween. Practicing healthy tooth hygiene throughout the year is your best defense against Halloween sugar monsters.

  8. Make Sure to Visit Your Dentist After Halloween

    On the occasion of Halloween you had a feast, careless eating and drinking. So, you must visit your dentist to make sure your oral health is not affected. Even if you have some issues, it will be detected at an early stage before it worsens if you visit the dentist in time.

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