Most dentures are made with Porcelain or Acrylic teeth. You have to decide which set of teeth will last longer, and which set of teeth are stronger, as this will help you decide which set of teeth will benefit you and your situation.
There are different categories to measure the pros and cons of Porcelain and Acrylic teeth. Dentures should not put any strain on the bone and oral tissue.


Dentures should have a natural resemblance to regular teeth in regards to color, shape, and dimension. The teeth must be aligned with the denture base. The dentures have to be strong to resist fracturing, chipping, and staining. There should be a balance between having a strong tooth and having a tooth that increases denture weight.

Keep reading to see the comparison of both the materials based on different parameters:


Porcelain teeth can put pressure on your dentures when you are chewing. They are heavier than Acrylic teeth. Porcelain teeth absorb less, which could lead to bone loss. Acrylic teeth transfer less pressure to the bone and gums, so bone loss does not accelerate as frequently.


Both types of dentures are available in multiple shapes, colors, translucency and dimensions.


Porcelain does not bond to the denture base. Acrylic teeth bond to the denture base, and are made of the same material.


Porcelain is more durable than the acrylic because it’s harder substance. Acrylic teeth can wear down with time but porcelain teeth can stay for longer period.


Acrylic teeth are most resistant to chipping, staining, and fracturing, while Porcelain teeth are more brittle.

Unhealthy Gums:

Acrylic teeth are also suggested for the people who have unhealthy gums or bone loss. Porcelain teeth puts pressure on the underlying bone while acrylic enables better chewing and biting activities for people with poor gums and teeth bones.


Porcelain teeth can be heard when people are biting down and chewing their food. Acrylic teeth are lighter, so it is easier to keep the dentures in place.


Acrylic teeth aren’t stained easily but they can contain microbes which multiply rapidly which ultimately cause infection and bad breath. Acrylic dentures require professional cleaning as brushing and soaking them doesn’t help in removing bacteria. So it’s advisable to visit your dentist for your acrylic teeth cleaning. Whereas porcelain teeth doesn’t require professional cleaning but they require careful handling. Soak them in sink full of water and clean them carefully as they are more likely to the risks of chips and cracks.


While both Porcelain and Acrylic teeth have their advantages over the other, Acrylic teeth are considered the healthier option. They have an appealing look, and are also durable and comfortable. Whichever material you choose for your dentures, make sure you go for regular checkups for right progression and to ensure everything is fine with the dentures and your oral health.

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