Awkward moments! Yes, those moments that make us think of hiding inside a shell and never coming out again, ever. Apart from awkward social situations, people also face awkward dental moments that makes them feel embarrassed in front of people. But, you need not worry about it anymore, we are here to help you.

Here are top 5 awkward dental moments along with tips to handle them:

  1. Something Gets Stuck in Teeth

    This is the most common awkward dental moment that we come through. If you don’t have a mirror to check if something is stuck in your teeth then you can use either back of a spoon or your cell phone camera to check it.

    How to fix it?

    Tip #1: Chew a sugarless gum to loose the thing stuck in your teeth or swish some water around your mouth.

    Tip #2: if it’s really stuck, excuse yourself and go to the restroom and try to get it out using floss. But, generally we don’t carry floss everywhere we go. In that case you can use your finger or else you can use a paper towel. Fold the paper towel and use its edges to get rid of the thing.

    Never use objects like keys, pens, wires, tweezers, etc. for picking as they can damage your teeth and gums.

    What if someone else has something stuck in their teeth?

    You can always tell the person about this but, this is pretty tricky as you want to tell the person about the problem and also do not want them to get embarrassed. The best thing to do in this situation is to look at that person and point with your finger where the thing is stuck, pointing at your teeth. Generally people get this and try to get it fixed. But, if the person is still not getting your signals, you can go and whisper in their ear. That’s the good manner.

  2. Sensitivity or tooth pain

    Sudden tooth pain or sensitivity can be too distracting and moreover it can be a sign of something more serious.

    How to fix it?

    Tip #1: Avoid having cold or hot foods. If your jaw hurts, keep it cool by holding a cold drink against it.

    Tip #2: If the problem persists for a longer time, get in touch with us.

    However, you can avoid dental dilemmas by having regular dental checkup and dental cleaning. Always remember, prevention is better than cure.

    What if someone else is having tooth pain?

    That’s way too simple. You just have to suggest them the above mentioned tips!

  3. Bad Breadth

    Again, bad breadth is also very common among masses. You don’t want other person to think of you being unhygienic, especially if you are on a date or an important business meeting.

    How to fix it?

    Tip #1: Chew some sugarless gum and drink some water. Always keep some mint candies or gum with you.

    Tip #2: Eat foods that help in reducing bad breath like yogurt, crunchy foods (apple, carrot, celery, etc.). Even a black tea can help.

    Tip #3: Most of the bad-breath bacteria hang onto out of the tongue. You can use a spoon as a tongue-scraper (obviously, not in public).

    If you face regular problem of bad breath, brush twice and use mouth-wash and maintain good oral hygiene. You can also eat mints for keeping your mouth fresh. Avoid eating raw onions, garlic and spices as they cause bad breath.

    What if someone else is having bad breath?

    There is no way you can say someone that they have bad breath and they take it without being embarrassed. The best thing to do in this situation is to tell the person directly about their bad breath with a smile on your face. May be that person can get embarrassed but, you will save him from further embarrassments.

  4. Hair Gets Stuck in Braces

    Although this is not very common but, it can happen with people having braces (but obvious) and long hair. Hair getting stuck in braces can only happen in rare cases. For example if you are a teenager girl who loves dancing and partying and is never shy of having braces. You go to some party and your favorite number comes up and you start dancing like crazy. Suddenly, your hair strands get stuck in your braces.

    How to fix it?

    Tip #1: If you don’t want anyone to notice that, keep dancing slowly for a while and then slowly get to the restroom. Now, carefully take your hairs out one by one. You can also get help from someone if it is difficult for you.

    Tip #2: Even an outing on a breezy day can bring up such situations, so try some tied up hairdos to avoid such embarrassing moments.

    What if someone else has their hair stuck in braces?

    If you see someone who has their hair stuck in braces then go and help them immediately as it can be very painful.

  5. Denture falls out

    This situation again is not very common, it mainly happens with senior people as they generally use dentures.

    How to fix it?

    Tip #1: This is the most awkward dental moment of the lot. But, if you face this situation, be a sport. Laugh out loud with everyone else and clean the denture properly and put it back.

    What if someone else’s denture falls out?

    As mentioned above, this usually happens with old age people. If we see someone’s denture falling then rather than staring and laughing we should go and help them clean and fix it back. Manners again!

    We hope that these tips will save from awkward dental moments and save your day. However, regular dental checkup and maintaining good oral hygiene are very good practices and they also help you in saving money for major dental treatments.

    Visit our dental clinic – Fabey Dental Studios for any kind of dental assistance and treatment or you can call us at (610)-810-2704. We are always happy to help you.

Fabey Dental Studios is a leading dental care service provider in Easton. We value our patients and are committed to provide comprehensive dental services like, bonding and white filling, bridges, crowns, dentures and periodontal health services. Our staff stays current with the latest technology and advances in dentistry and has gained a reputation of excellence in rendering optimal oral health and esthetic dentistry.

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